Amazing Plugins for your WordPress post


Over the years, the internet has gained a lot of popularity. Millions of people use the internet on a daily basis. This has transformed the internet into the single largest market for anything and everything. Each of its users can be viewed as a potential client. For this reason, websites and online stores have become the way to go. However, making a successful website or writing a good blog for your store can be quite challenging. This is where WordPress comes into play.

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WordPress is an online tool used to develop websites and blogs. Also known as a content management system, its main function is to develop quality content for your website or blog. This free application has numerous features including plugins, themes, SEO tracking and tagging capabilities among others. All these features get incorporated into the website to make it more efficient. Among all the features, one feature in particular stands out; plugins.

Plugins are tools within the WordPress application that enable users to customize their own website. Below are some of my favorite WordPress plugins.

business man hand touch 3d SEO search engine optimization as concept

1- WordPress SEO

When developing your website, one of the major factors you put into consideration is whether or not the site is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. An SEO friendly site will have increased traffic as well as a higher rating. WordPress SEO enables you to develop an optimized SEO friendly platform. This plugin goes beyond adjusting your website content to suite the SEO requirements. It can also perform the following functions:

– Page analysis – it analyses the page to ensure that the keyword(s) remain the focus points. It checks whether the available images have the keyword as part of the tag. Generally, this function ensures that your entire website is in sync with the necessary keywords.

– Sitemaps – this functions uses the XML Sitemaps, which happen to be the most advanced sitemaps. The structure of this functionality is simple and easy to use.

– RSS Optimization – it involves adding an extra link to your existing RSS. In turn, this redirects the searchers to the original content. This increases your ranking.

Other functionalities include meta and links, social migration, imports and exports and multi-languages among others. Generally, this plugin ensures that whatever you decide to do with your site is SEO friendly.

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2- W3 Total Cache

It is no secret that visitors are affected by the speeds of your site. A page that takes long to load will discourage visitors from visiting the site. The vice versa is also true. W3 Total Cache improves the page speeds. As a result, the customer experience is improved. Benefits of using this plugin on your website include:

– Improved server performance

– Reduction in download period

– Increased download speeds since the pages are compressed together

– It is easy to use

So you can see the importance of this valuable plugin


3- Optin Monster

Visuals are a good way of attracting visitors. Adding any visual aspect to your website is bound to catch the attention of a visitor, even without them knowing what your website is all about. This is what Optin Monster does for you. Optin Monster is used as a lead generator. This plugin enables you to create funny and interesting optins. These optins will be used for popup advertisements of your website. The main aim of this plugin is to encourage visitors to become subscribers. The Optin Monster has a statistical function that enables you to receive statistical findings on your page. This helps to monitor your performance and implement any changes necessary to make the site a success.


WordPress has a well over 35,000 plugins in its register. Depending on your website and its purpose, one may have a different opinion on the best plugins WordPress has to offer. However, one thing remains constant. There is a plugin to suit each scenario, each requirement and each WordPress user. You can turn your website into a success using the right type of plugins.